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Auto Electrician Hayes specialise in BMW, Mercedes Diagnostic Test, all electrical and electronics repairs. FRM/Footwell Module | DDE | DME | KOMBI | DWA | CAS | CDI | EZS | ELV | EIS |ECU | ECM | BCM | Ignition | Instrument Cluster | Immobiliser | Circuit Board Repair | ECUs Programming, Coding and Cloning/ Used ECUs Replacement.  

Mercedes and BMW are using the same electronics-based technology in their all products, making it easy for us to repair a vast range of cars. The Mercedes ECUs and BMW ECUs are listed, and you can find the complete lists of all modules by clicking the links. Please find our BMW FRM/Footwell repair services.

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We provide embedded programming and shortcircuiting repair services for Car ECM, ECU, BSI, BSM, TCM, ABS, ESP, Immobiliser, Instrument Cluster, Airbag Control Unit, Key Remote nationwide. 

Over 4,200 followers on the Facebook page over 500 recommendations. Worldwide car ECU/ECM software original files to recover the original data if the car does not start or remap. We also provide an ECU rebuilding service nationwide.

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Understanding The Car ECU, Immobiliser, BCM, CAN-Bus and DPF

How CAN-Bus Works

The present vehicles sometimes become a pain for mechanics and the owner of the car. All the electronic modules connect through the CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network) and the Lin-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) system. If any module fails, the networks communication fails, the car the whole system will go wrong. Electronics will fail the mechanic will advise changing the car ECU, BCM, Instrument Cluster, Airbag module or Immobiliser. Then Please call Auto Electrician Hayes to help you save your time and money.  

How an ECU Works

Engine Control Unit (ECU) manage the car engine system. Body Control Module keeps the comfort and safety inside the car and outside the vehicle. Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Steering Control Module keep the car straight in case of driver's any mistake. The Immobiliser has a bit more power than the other car modules as it is your car security and your life security. In case of any danger, it's one message can shut the car. In this situation, we, your Auto Electrician Hayes is the one who can help you from car's wiring repair to the electronics circuit board repair. 

How DPF Regeneration Works

The car DPF system comprises Engine Control Module, Common Rail, Injectors, EGR Valve, Turbo, Turbo Actuator, Heat Sensor, and Oxygen Sensor. If any of the said components don't work, the DPF system will have trouble. Your car DPF system regenerates your car DPF system by itself automatically when you run the car over sixty miles speed. Please remember if there is an OBD2 fault code, the DPF Regeneration is impossible until you repair the fault. For more information, you can read on this website. 
If your mechanic gets stuck, please call your local Auto Electrician Hayes to help you.

ECU Repair | ECU Cloning

The present cars, mainly European, are loaded with electronics. Electronic Control Module (ECM) or Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the same but different name. It controls all the engine electronic components. From Injectors, EGR Valve, Actuators, Solenoids, Alternator, Starter even all the sensors. 
In the case of water damage, mishandling electric parts, or battery failure, trouble can come to the ECU hardware or the Software. Then it would be best if you repaired the hardware circuit board or software replacement (Programming). There is another reasonable and inexpensive solution buying a used ECU and Clone it.
If you have this kind of problem you are most welcome to call us and you will find us the best in your local area.  

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