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Car OBDII-OBD2 System |  Auto Electrician | Dashboard Warning Light

What is an OBDII System and Car Dashboard Light?

Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd specialises in the diagnosis of cars. What are OBDII System, OBD2, OBDII, P-Codes, B-Codes, C-Codes, U-Codes, or Car Dashboard Warning Lights? We use Mercedes Star Diagnostic (SD) | BMW ICOM NEXT, ISTA PLUS | VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, VAGCOM | Toyota/Lexus TECHSTREAM | Honda HDS | Autel MaxiSys 908P | Autel MaxiIM IM608 to understand the faults without any mistake.


What is an OBDII System and Car Dashboard Light? In simple words, OBDII is a connector connected to your cars' different controllers and sub-controllers to measure the efficiency of the car components. Pin 16 provides the battery voltages, and pin 4 and 5 are connected to the car body earth and the battery's negative terminal to connect diagnostics. Diagnostic machines connect this OBDII connector and receive data from the controllers and other sub-controllers, actuators and sensors. 
Car Diagnostic Test measures the car system convert into some set numbers. These numbers are divided into four parts.

P Codes   =    Powertrain (the Engine, Transmission and Emissions systems.

B  Codes  =    Body (the Climate Control system, Lighting and Airbags etc.).

C Codes  =     Chassis  (the Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Suspension, Steering and Electronic Stability                                  System

U Codes   =      Network (the Controller Area Network wiring Bus (CANBus) and modules.

OBDII Fault Codes Explained

OBDII fault codes already explained above It is a common mistake DELETING the fault codes from ECU memory instead of repairing them first and then deleting mostly car mechanics make this mistake. The best practice is to save the data first and then delete the fault codes. The saved data can help the technician understand the car's real fault because many incorrect code numbers link to other fault codes. 
After reading the fault codes, it helps more when you observe PIDs. PIDs data can confirm the real fault, and that is the best solution.  It is essential to keep the diagnostics software up to date and avoid cheap quality diagnostics because low-quality diagnostics can disturb ECU's data actuating or programming ECU or any other component. 

Note: Please avoid buying or replacing any used electronics bought from eBay because these electronic parts have different programming, and it cannot match your car's electronics' data. It means a waste of your money. 

Please call our trained Car Technicians for your Car Diagnostic Test, Car ECU Repair, ECU Programming, Coding and Configuration or call our Auto Mobile Electrician to help you at your doorstep. Please note, Auto Mobile Electrician can provide you a complete professional diagnostic test of your car at your place and will manage a Possible-Repair it means just simple faults repair if there is any difficult job, for example, ECU Programming, ECU Repair or ECU Coding types jobs,  it will not be possible for him to repair all faults at your place, in this case, we require vehicle's recovery to handover your car's repair to our special Car Electrician team based in HAYES, Greater London UB4 9AG. 

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