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We Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd. specialised in Circuit Board Repairing, Programming, Coding, Cloning of Bosch, Siemens, Magneti Marelli, Delphi ECU, ECM, DDE, Digital Diesel Electronics, DME, Digital Motor Electronics,  for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Toyota and Honda.

ECU Repair _ Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd

We Auto Electrician Hayes started ECU Testing service in 2017 but now we have added ECU Repairing and ECU Cloning services as well.

Engine Control Unit or Engine Control Module is the same thing; it depends on one car manufacture to the other one. So ECM, ECU, DME or PME is the same term to understand the engine control unit.
Many types of equipment work together—for example, an accelerator padel, injectors, air mixture system or exhaust system. The sensors fitted in the engine provide information to the ECU, and then ECU controls all the engine sub-controllers.  
Oxygen Sensor provides essential information to the ECU regarding the air-fuel mixture and the exhaust system. If ECU receives information from Lambda/ O2 sensor that the amount of fuel is coming to the engine is not expected, not reasonable that the ECU will immediately take action and recalculate the system to run accordingly.

All the electronics in the engine work through a network called CAN-Bus. It allows the vehicle's microcontrollers to communicate with each other's applications without any host. These controllers list depends on the car manufacturer's design. The cars can have over 20-70 controllers, including sub-controllers. The sensors' list can be less or more because sensors provide information to the controllers and the sub-controllers. The CAN bus is the primary source to distribute this information to all controllers.

If any electronic stops working, it will bring the fault ("No Communication".) No Communication means the CAN bus network has a short circuit, and it will register many incorrect codes in the ECU. 
The communication error could appear due to a rusty and dirty connector. Or in case of some broken wires, you should check the wiring diagrams if the vehicle had an accident or water damage. The least and the last reason for lost communication can occur because of a short circuit in the ECU circuit.  
We will then go through the diagnostic procedure, testing the system on the circuit board.  If the hardware has short-circuiting, and it is repairable replacing some components, we will repair it. If the motherboard water is damaged, we will replace the ECU with a secondhand one and reprogram the new ECU according to the car's original configuration and this call Cloning the ECU.
I hope you will like this information. Thanks for giving us your time.

To use our services, Please check your postcode if it is in Greater London. You can book online some of our services.

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