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EGR Valve Repair

We'll explain the care-tips of the EGR valve, Bad EGR Valve Symptoms, Bad EGR Valve Replacement, as well as about its functions. An EGR valve's purpose is to improve functionality and your car's economics. Since it enables exhaust gasses to flow back for burned not only that in addition, it cuts down on emissions. The EGR valve cuts the nitrous oxide emissions down and allows the exhaust to flow from the engine. The mixture of air and gas will not have to work, so difficult to keep the engine's temperature. In case the Check Engine Light on the dash panel of your vehicle turns on, then you have a bad EGR valve.

EGR Valve Location

blocked egr valve

Usually, the Engine Control Unit will have the ability to sense the circuit or the position of the EGR valve. The Check Engine Light will light up, if it senses a problem with one of these and that the driver might take it to have it repaired. The Check Engine Light can illuminate for reasons also. The symptom you'll notice is functionality issues with the engine if there's an EGR valve problem. Your EGR valve clogged or is malfunctioning, your vehicle's fuel ratio will be disrupted. This may cause all sorts of engine issues like a reduction in acceleration, gas efficiency, or power loss.


A common symptom which arises from an undesirable EGR valve in a car is something called rough idle. When malfunctioning occurs with EGR valves, they end up stalling from their open position. Then a rough idle is going to form from the recirculation of the exhaust gas, regardless of when there are desirable conditions or not. You require the EGR Valve cleaned and if still the problem is not resolved then you have to replace it.


The EGR Valve price can vary it depends on the make of the car and the model, in the same way, EGR Valve installation place can be different. Labour charges depend on the EGR Valve installed place. If it is easy to open, the labour charges are not much but some make like Ford Galaxy has its EGR Valve it very difficult place.


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