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What is BMW DDE or DME? 

BMW ECU EDC17C06 | EDC17CP02 | EDC17C41 | EDC17C50 | EDC17CP09 | EDCCP45 | MEVD17 |
MEVD17.2 | MEVD17.2.4 | MEVD17.2.6 | MEVD17.2.9 | MEVD17.2P | MSD80 | MSD81 | MSD85 |
MSV80 | MEVD1723 F20 | MEVD172K F20 | EDC17C41 | EDC17C50 | EDC17C56 | EDC17CP09 |
EDC17CP45 | EDC17CP49 | MEVD17.2 | MEVD17.2.4 | MEVD17.2.8 | MEVD17.2.9 | MEVD17.2.G | 
MEVD17.2.H | MEVD17.2P | MEVD17.2.S | F-Series MSD80 | F-Series MSD81 | F-Series MSD85
F-Series MSD87 | F-Series MSV90

BMW DDE (Digital diesel electronics) or DME (Digital Motor Electronics) are ECUs—the DDE for diesel engines and DME for petrol cars. Every manufacturer has its electronic product's name, although this idea confuses car owners when they want to repair their vehicles. 
BMW does not manufacture DDE 0r DME; it buys from ECU manufacturers Bosch and Siemens. Mercedes has contracts with Bosch, Siemens, and Delphi. For Mercedes truck ECUs, they get from Temic. 
Every car model has different technology and unique ECUs serial numbers. That is why you must buy the same serial number when you want to replace your car ECU; otherwise, it will not work.
ECU (engine control modules) manufacturing companies use hardware and software technology. The software runs by the Microprocessor, a big chip in the ECU on the circuit board. The ECU is not the brain of a car. The Microprocessor keeps the program (information/software) and shares it with Eeproms to run the ECU system. The ECU orders the other car electronics to work according to the software programmed in the Microprocessor.
To program an ECU/DDE/DME or other car electronic modules like BCM, Immobiliser, ABS and so on, the manufacturers use different high-level and low-level computer languages, for example, Machine Language, C, C++, Python and Java. It calls Embedded Programming. 

ECU Circuit Board Repair, Programming, BMW Coding and Replacement

When an ECU stops working, it is damaged, or there is a problem with the car wiring harness. An ECU receives information from the sensors it calls INPUT signals, and then it gives orders to the actuators through signals that call OUTPUT signals. These signals are the most important signals to run a car in satisfactory mode. These kinds of faults can be in the circuit board or the wiring harness, the connectors, the fuses, the relays or actuators. In this situation, the first action should be to diagnose the car with the manufacturer's recommended diagnostic tool, and you have to find an expert engineer who can understand car electronics. 
If the ECU/DDE/DME has a damaged circuit board and is not repairable, then you have to replace the DME/DDE (new or used in working condition).





We, Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd., are experts in repairing BMW DME/DDE circuit boards to BMW Coding, BMW ECU Replacement and programme. WE CAN PROGRAM BMW Coding or any other ECU, BCM, Instrument Cluster, Immobiliser, Steering Column or ABS.    

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