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We, Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd, are automotive electrical and electronics engineers. We repair ABS and ESP Modules' circuit boards, programming, coding and cloning for Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Toyota and Honda.

What Is An Anti-Lock-Braking System? 

abs control unit | Auto Electrician Hayes

If your vehicle has ESPon board, it offers two other active safety systems: the Anti-lock Braking System ABS and the Traction Control System TCS. ABS prevents the wheels from locking during braking, and TCS prevents the wheels from spinning when it starts and accelerate. Some car manufacturers call ESP under different names, like DSC, VSA or VSC. The functionality and operation of the ESP, and also the gain it provides in driving safety, are the same. The driver stays in control of the car and doesn't get into a shoe provided that the physical limits aren't exceeded.


An Engine Control Unit and Electronics Control units monitor the signals from the ESP sensors and control 25 times a second whether the driver's steering input corresponds to the actual direction the car is moving. In case the car moves in a different direction, ESP detects the critical situation and reacts instantly - independently of the driver. It uses the vehicle's braking system to Steer the car back on the right track. With these selective braking steps, ESP generates the desired contraction force, so the vehicle reacts as the driver intends. From the steering angle, the car speed and the desired braking pressure or the position of the accelerator's pedal, the driving intention of the motorist is calculated.


A Yaw Rate Sensor records all the movements of the car around its vertical axis. Coupled with the integrated lateral acceleration sensor, the status of the car can be determined and compared with the driver's intention. As ESP can build up braking pressure independently of the brake pedal position, a series of so-called value-added functions can be realised with ESP. Hill starts aren't always easy, especially when the car is heavily loaded. The driver has to operate brake, accelerator and clutch pedals extremely fast in order to prevent the car from accidentally rolling backwards. The ESP Hill Hold Control facilitates a hill begin by keeping the brakes applied for about two more seconds after the driver has already released the brake pedal. The vehicle switches off comfortably and without rolling backwards.

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