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DPF Removal Is Illegal | Airbag Bypass Is Dangerous | £1000 to £2500 Fine

dpf picture | Auto Electrician Hayes

The Telegraph News “ Diesel drivers face costly repair bill because thousands are driving illegal cars, DVSA finds”


As in our post “How To Clean A DPF And Regenerate It.”, we told our customers that DPF Removal is illegal, but still, people call us or even come to us asking for DPF Removal from the ECU.  After reading the above news, it is important to provide a little more information to our customers about two main issues of DPF Removal and Airbag Light Bypass.  


DPF Removal


If you remove a DPF from the ECU in a diesel car, it does not mean that you have removed the issue. It can cost you much more after some time when your vehicle will not pass the MOT test.  DPF is installed to control emissions and the car manufacturers are bound to help the world to reduce pollution. This control system comprises a Lambda Sensor or Oxygen Sensor, Heat Sensor, EGR Valve and the Engine Control Unit.


An ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a computer that uses the data that the manufacturer has programmed into the computer to control emissions.  These controls are designed to comply with international laws and regulations, and also include passenger and driver safety.


When you delete the original programme and replace it with “this car has no DPF system at all”, then the ECU will command the engine in a different way. It is really very technical and not easy for me to explain the engine’s reaction to the new command or the new programme but, in a simple way, I can say that the ECU will start giving the wrong commands and signals to the whole engine system.   The car will perhaps be OK for a short while, but the engine will be damaged more and more and your running costs will greatly increase.  Your car will ultimately need very costly major repairs, including putting a new DPF system back

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