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Auto Electrician Hayes specialises in BMW, Mercedes Car Engine Diagnostic Test, FRM3 Repair | Footwell Module Repair | DDE Repair | DME Repair | KOMBI Repair | ESP | SZL |DWA | CAS Repair | CDI | EZS | ELV | EIS |ECU | BCM | Ignition System | Instrument Cluster | Immobiliser | Circuit Board Repair | Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) | Fuel Pump (FUFL) | Vehicle Height Control | Electric Tailgate | Backing Rader | DKG Module | Light Control Module | ECUs Programming, Coding | ECUs Replacement Mobile Auto Electrician Near Me

BMW Car Engine Diagnostic Test DDE - Digital Diesel , Programming, Cloning and Coding Service 

The Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) system controls all the engine functions in BMW diesel models. It makes the best fuel consumption, assures you stable performance, and reduces exhaust emissions.
BMW diesel engines' Common Rail Fuel Injection system creates greater fuel effectiveness and lowers emissions. DDE is a system that monitors the accelerator and the driver's application of foot pressure to determine precisely when fuel injection is to start, as well as the volume of fuel supplied and the charge pressure. This system ensures excellent fine-tuning for the relevant engine responses under all running situations. 

We Auto Electrician Hayes provides you with the best DDE circuit board repair, programming and cloning service

DME - Digital Motor Electronics' Circuit Board Repair, Programming, Cloning and Coding Service 

BMW's Digital Motor Electronics DME is a complete engine management system from optimum reliability to maximum performance achievement. 

DME guarantees maximum performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions by managing engine functions. Its sensors continuously control all situations that can disturb the engine operation. The Microprocessor receives the information from the controllers and sensors to create a perfect air and fuel mixture combination.
The DME system receives data input per second, including engine speed, air intake volume, air temperature and density, coolant temperature, throttle position, accelerator position and vehicle speed.

We offer you BMW DME's circuit board repair, programming and cloning with warrantee 

BMW FRM OR Footwell Module Circuit Board Repair, Programming, Cloning and CodingService 

The BMW Footwell Module (FRM) functions as an electrical centre or a junction located on the drivers' side in the footwell. The FRM receives signals from the doors, controls the lighting, commands the adaptive headlights, and interfaces with the dashboard.


The BMW FRM Receives Signals from height sensors, reversing light switch, brake light switch, hazard warning flasher switch, light switch, driver's door switch block, door contacts in front doors, driver's door lock. The FRM Connect and Controls exterior mirrors, Power windows, headlights, Taillights, Fog lights, third stop lamp, turn indicator light, front courtesy lights, rear courtesy lights, number-plate light, adaptive headlight.


If your car has any symptoms of these faults, your FRM/Footwell Module creates the problem. Please get in touch with us as we offer a quick and reliable repair service of the circuit board, cloning, programming and Coding this module.  


BMW Modules Circuit Board Repair. Cloning and Programming | Auto Electrician Hayes

BMW CAS (Car Access System)  Or Immobiliser

CAS1>2K79X | CAS2>OLO1Y | CAS2>2K79X | CAS3+>OL15Y | CAS3+>OM23S | CAS3>OLO1Y | CAS3>2K79X | CAS4>1L15Y | CAS4>1N35H | CAS4> 5M48H | EWS4 

CAS/Car Access System Or Immobiliser System is a car's security system. CAS plays an essential role in BMW's all cars. If you need a key for your car, CAS is the only module you deal with. The module CAS is very sensitive equipment and does not accept any mistakes. If anyone makes any mistake while programming CAS, Please follow the link to learn about the Immobiliser System. Mobile Auto Electrician Near Me is the right choice for CAS repair.

If you face an immobiliser problem, don't hesitate to contact us; we help you repair the circuit board, clone or program the modules. BMW's ECUs complete List is available.

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