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Auto Electrician Hayes specialises in repairing vehicles CAN-Bus, LIN-Bus and MOST-Bus. No Communication problem, "U" Fault Codes, ECU, BCM, Instrument Cluster, Steering Module, ABS, ESP Faults. We test and repair Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Toyota and Honda. 

When we think about repairing a car, the most time-consuming and challenging job is to repair wiring or car electronics. Understanding wiring is not easy because hundreds of wires in hundreds of different colours are connected to the whole system, from car Sensors to the ECU and ECU's other modules and actuators. In simple, from car door modules to the car exhaust module, connected through a network called CAN-Bus System. If any wire is missing or disconnected in the Can-Bus system, the car starts disturbing the whole system. Eventually, the central controllers, Engine Control Module, Body Control Module and Stability Control Unit start to pass the messages to Immobiliser. Immobiliser works like Police, and it can stop the car immediately when it receives the final request of the ECU.

Diagnosing Car CAN Bus Faults

Car CAN-Bus (Controllers Area Network) is the most sensitive area; when you have a Car Diagnostic Test and receive "U Codes", there is a problem in the CAN Bus, or any controller is not functioning correctly. Car CAN Bus is comprised of two twisted wires, and these wires can have different colours.

Car CAN Bus explained |Auto Electrician Hayes

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Just one rusty connector or any damaged wire in the Can-Bus system can disturb the entire Electronic-Control-System. This fault creates a gap in the communication network that supply information to the ECU and other car modules and the sensors, and this is the fault we call "Limp Mode." "Home Mode." or "Workshop Mode.".

Mostly technicians avoid repairing CAN Bus faults as it is a bit difficult job. They advise the customers to send their ECUs to ECU testing labs. It is a waste of money and time because before sending the car ECU to test, it is easy to check the signals from the ECU terminals using an oscilloscope.

Mobile Auto Electrician Hayes offers Car ECU Repair and Car CAN Bus Repair. We at Auto Electrician Hays repair all Car Electronics, Car Electronics Programming, Coding and Configurations.