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BMW Keyless Fob Programming _ Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd

Automotive Security System

Automotive security leads to the branch of computer security centred on the cyber risks related to the automotive connection. The approach is to increase the number of electronics in vehicles. The vehicle manufacturers have implemented different medians of communication from and towards the vehicle remotely and wirelessly, which led to the necessity of a branch of Cybersecurity dedicated to the threats associated with vehicles. It is regarding the safety measures of the vehicles. It is not only vehicles security only. It is also a matter of the safety of the passengers and the driver.

Vehicle Immobiliser System

An immobiliser is a security device in nearly every car and other kinds of vehicle to prevent theft. This device works with an Engine Control Module, Body Control Module and Steering Control Module, but some manufacturers have added ABS in this security devices group.  The immobiliser system (a black ring around the ignition where the key blade goes) receives the complete information through radio signals from the car key transponder. The receiver sends the information to the security group of the electronics components. If the key transponder information is correct the driver will start the car. Sometimes the key fob battery goes flat and the central locking system does not work in this situation we use the key blade to open the door and start the car. 
Note: The key fob comprises of two parts one that starts the car and the other controls the central locking. Please be aware that if the fob is locking the car it does not mean that the immobiliser is not activated. Immobiliser can let you go into the car but not let you run the car. I will explain the complete system of vehicles' immobilisation on a seperate page.

What kinds of keyless fob programming do we offer

As this page belongs to vehicles' keyless fobs programming and keyless fobs repair, we offer you all vehicles' keyless remote controls programming and circuit board repair especially;
Mercedes | BMW | VW | Jaguar | Land Rover | Porche | and Vauxhall. For the other brands please contact us to confirm.

Mobile Auto Electrician Services

We cover a wide range of the London area to provide our services. Would you please check here if we cover your area.

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