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Car Diagnostic Test Near Me | Mobile Auto Electrician Near Me | Greater London

We Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd specialise in car diagnosis tests using the OEM diagnostic systems SEA 2534 Interface. Mercedes Star Diagnostic (SD) | BMW ICOM NEXT, ISTA PLUS | VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, VAGCOM | Toyota/Lexus TECHSTREAM | Honda HDS | Autel MaxiSys 908P | Autel MaxiIM IM608 to be second to none.

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bmw portal diagnostic test

Car Diagnostic Test

BMW Diagnostic System _ BMW ICOM NEXT, ISTA PLUS _ Auto Electrician Hayes Ltd

To diagnose a car requires automotive technical study, experience in automotive repair and keeping the research and the automotive repair experience up-to-date. Modern cars are full of electronics, but the mechanical system is the same, with minor enhancements. The engine components, i.e. ring piston or inlet-outlet manifold, are the same. The air-fuel mixture has no change. 

In advanced automotive engineering, the manufacturers are trying to touch the height of efficiency of the vehicles and ease, comfort and driver safety. If you observe any new car, you will find so many sensors installed to sense the efficiency of the vehicles. These sensors' information goes to the car's brain called ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or (Engine Control Unit). The ECU takes data from the sensors and orders to the car components to maintain the car's set efficiency. 

There was a time when car mechanics were diagnosing car faults by listening to the engine sound and vibration. Now, to diagnose a car's fault, you require a diagnostic machine. In the '90s, OBD arrived for car testing, and the manufacturers installed OBDII in the vehicles. 
OBDII PIDs data calculates the components fitted in the existing vehicle. It is a technical calculation of automotive engineering to understand OBDII; please read What Is OBDII System?
PID data is a live test of a vehicle. To diagnose a car, the technician must know the PIDS calculation to diagnose a vehicle. Most technicians read OBDII fault codes; believe me, these codes only give a technician an idea of nothing more than reading OBDII PIDs. The technician quickly finds the fault because it is the mathematics of automotive engineering. Please go to the page; Mobile Auto Electrician Near Me.

Testing Car Wires Using Oscilloscope

oscilloscope test | Auto Electrician Hayes | Middlesex

When you repair a car, visit an auto electrician or call a Mobile Auto Electrician, the most time-consuming and challenging job is to repair wiring using a multimeter or find car electronics components, test them and solder them. Most of the time, we use a microscope.

Understanding wiring is complex because hundreds of wires in different colours are connected to the system, from car Sensors to the ECU and ECU's other modules and actuators. AND .... if you think about French Cars' wiring diagrams, you will get confused 100%. Most manufacturers use colour codes to understand wiring diagrams, but French Car Manufacturers use numbers only; now, tell me, who can memorise hundreds of numerical codes? It is the reason French cars are not popular. 

All car door modules to the car exhaust module are connected through a Can-Bus System network. The car starts disturbing the system if any wire is missing or disconnected in the Can-Bus system. Eventually, the central controller's Engine Control Module, Body Control Module and Stability Control Unit begin to pass the message to Immobiliser. Immobiliser works like Police, and they can stop the car immediately at the request of the ECU. This challenge is that only a multimeter cannot but an oscilloscope only.
Just one rusty connector or any damaged wire in the Can-Bus system can disturb the entire Electronic-Control-System. This fault creates a gap in the communication network that supplies information to the ECU and other car modules and the sensors, and this is the fault we call "Limp Mode." "Home Mode." or "Workshop Mode.".

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